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Social media marketing: four keys to boost lead generation and sales

30-second summary: Social media has increasingly become a key avenue for the fate of brands’ online performance There is a relation between brand perception, social listening, customer service, and the eventual consumer spending power Here’s how social media marketers can…

What does USP mean?

And this is how you use it in your marketing. USPs are super important to use in your marketing . But what does this abbreviation really mean? And how do you get it integrated into your marketing strategy? I will get into that in more detail in this blog post. What is USP? USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Points, and are the points where you are different or better than your competitors. It can e.g. be some unique benefits that you offer your customers - that is why customers should shop with you rather than with others. So it is very important that your USPs are clear enough, otherwise customers may as well trade with competitors. Your USPs do not have to be big, as long as you differ on something that is important to your customers. If your USPs are not clear enough, customers might as well trade with competitors. If we e.g. only writing a blog post about the value of influencer marketing but not highlighting something that competitors do not have, then I have actually marketed the entire industry. Congratulations to the competitors ... When setting up your USPs, it is also important that you are very specific. It is not enough that you e.g. writes: "We have good opening hours / skilled employees / good service". Come on. What is unique about it? The competitors can probably say that too. Instead, try to focus on brushing by writing e.g. "We are open 200 hours a week" or "our customer service picks up the phone in the middle of a Danish World Cup final in handball". Exaggeration promotes understanding, but you probably understand what I mean. At the very least, you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. One way around doing this yourself is to buy TikTok followers. However, taking shortcuts like this doesn’t always reap the best rewards, and there are a lot of people out there who have attempted to buy TikTok Views Malaysia , but have found that it is almost impossible. What is USP How to find your USPs Grab your latte with oat milk, your lined block and your pen. And then it's just starting to write down everything you can, which you do not think your competitors can - both small and large things are welcome. Involve any Friends, family and customers. It can sometimes be a little easier for people outside the organization to point out what they think you do differently than the competition. Once you have found your impact points, feel free to elaborate on them so that they become detailed. Here I can refer to the example in the section above, where e.g. good “customer service” is specified. If you have a webshop, it is not often that your customers get in touch with the purchase, but therefore you can provide good service in many other ways. You can e.g. send a small gift in the form of a candy bag, small samples etc. with each order, write a personal message to the customer, send a discount code with for the next purchase, etc. In addition, it is also an opportunity to make your order confirmations and general e-mail communication more personal and humorous. The imagination sets no limits, and it is the small things that can help make your customers return to buy from you next time instead of from competitors.Buy Instagram Likes Malayisa. What is USP Use your USPs in your marketing Once you have identified your key USPs, be sure to incorporate them into your marketing strategy . The whole point is, after all, that they need to be clear to your customers. One of our most important USPs at Make Influence is that we are performance based- and we are actually the only influencer marketing platform in Denmark that strikes at it. If we just marketed ourselves that we were an influencer marketing platform, then there was a lot more on offer, why there would be nothing unique about it. And not to blow us away, but if you search for “performance-based influencer marketing” on google, then we are actually the first to show up. So my point is once again: crack down on the points your competitors are not cracking down on. Your marketing will be much more powerful and potentially cheaper if you manage to incorporate your USPs across the board. So have a look at your webshop and marketing efforts and see if your USPs are clear enough or need to be adjusted. Of course, they only come into their own when they are also clear to your customers. If you have questions about the above or anything else, you are always welcome to contact our support , which is available 100 hours a week .

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