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Shopify backup 101

Shopify offers a lot of room for error. If you’ve been using Shopify for a while, you’re probably familiar with how simple it is to make an irreversible mistake. You’ve probably already heard about Shopify’s “zero tolerance” policy for merchant…

Does Shopify have a backup?

Shopify is a great platform, but it’s not perfect. What happens if you delete something by accident? Or what if your store gets hacked and all of your data is lost? Does Shopify have a backup of my store? No,…

My Shopify Store is Down, What Do I Do Now?

When Shopify is down, as an ecommerce company owner who depends on the Shopify platform, it’s frustrating. However, it’s also critical to realize why Shopify experiences downtime and what to do when it happens. Shopify, like any website or web-based…

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