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Shopify backup 101

Shopify offers a lot of room for error. If you’ve been using Shopify for a while, you’re probably familiar with how simple it is to make an irreversible mistake. You’ve probably already heard about Shopify’s “zero tolerance” policy for merchant…

Shopify backup alternatives

Backup applications for Shopify are quite useful in keeping your store safe. If you lose the data on your shop, everything you’ve spent time and effort on will be lost. There are several excellent Shopify backup programs available, but which…

How to choose a shopify backup app?

Shopify Apps, add-on programs that extend Shopify sites’ capabilities are some of the keys to achieving a successful Shopify store. Shopify apps allow store owners to alter their websites significantly, allowing them to run their business in a different way…

How to Create a Shopify Disaster Recovery Plan?

Regardless of how big or little your Shopify business is, no eCommerce brand is immune to a disaster. There’s no doubt that companies should be prepared for every eventuality and have in place methods to minimize damage if something terrible…

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